Free Trial Limitter
Alternate Free Trials addon for WHMCS. It works like the WHMCS Gold one, except that is managed and configured completely from within WHMCS admin (so no need to manually edit files).

Limit Products/Services Purchase
WHMCS Product Limiter is an addon module that gives you the ability to limit purchasing a product to specified times (adjustable).
This customization compatible with WHMCS 6.x
When activated, once the client will try to purchase the same product again - he will receive an error message (customizable).

Spice Account Manager
Spice Account Manager allow you specify to choose which digital goods can be sell in your WHMCS billing system afterwards you can choose manual or automatic delivery you can see stats you have admin access to add or mark accounts as sold or ready for sell.
This module is compatible with WHMCS 6.x
This is an open source  module!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

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